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HT: 5'10" WT: 190 EYES: Blue/Green HAIR: Brown


  • QUALITY OF MERCY as John Grant (dir. S. Marro)

  • QUEENIE IN LOVE as Casting Director (dir. A. Kollek)

  • DIRT as Mr. Hubert (dir. N. Savoca)

  • ZOO as Officer Rowett (dir. A. King)

  • PEROXIDE PASSION as Anthony (dir. M. Diamond)

  • THE GIRL IN THE WATERMELON as Paul Rosen (dir. S. Castilla)

  • BIOHAZARDOUS as Sgt. Murdock (dir. M. Hein)

  • SMASH THE KITTY as Jeff & Allen (dir.B. Cange)

  • THE PEACOCK KING (Anime) as Haus'Hoffer (voice) (Nippon Columbia)

  • DARKSIDE BLUES (Anime) as Guren (voice) (TOHO Co.)

  • TWIN ANGELS (Anime) as Dr. Ume (voice) (Sony)

  • LEGEND OF DRAGON KINGS (Anime) as Funazo (voice) (Fuji TV)

  • BERSERK (Anime) as Void (voice) (Anime Works)

  • GOKUSEN (Anime) as Fuji (voice) (Media Blasters)

  • PHOENIX (Anime) as Hatayasu (voice) (Disney - Japan)

  • THE PINK PANTHER (Animated-CD Rom) as Strangeblood (voice) (Wanderlust Interactive)

  • BATTLEFEED (Animated-Web) as Bengus (voice) (Othervision)

  • GAOGAIGAR (Anime) as Pasdar (voice) (Media Blasters)


  • AS THE WORLD TURNS as Ed Clark (CBS)

  • GUIDING LIGHT as Detective Dennis (CBS)

  • FTL NEWSFEED as Georges Favreau (SciFi Channel)

  • UP ALL NIGHT WITH RHONDA SHEAR as Loren F. Bailey, Jr. et al. (USA Network)



  • THE GIFT HORSE as Abe "The Babe" (Jewish Repertory Theater)


  • ALL MY SONS as Dr. Jim Bayliss (American Stage Company)

  • AMADEUS as Salieri (Porthouse Theater)

  • THAT CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON as Phil Romano (L-A Public Theater)

  • TOD THE BOY TOD as John (Crossroads Theater)

    Summer Theater

  • I HATE HAMLET as John Barrymore (Summerfun Theater)

  • THE MOUSETRAP as Paravicini (Mt. Holyoke Summer Theater)

  • GREATER TUNA as Arles et al. (Ft. Salem Summer Theater)


  • WORLD OF SHOLOM ALEICHEM as Rabbi, Angel, Tutor (Character Theater Company)


  • RASPUTIN as Emperor Nicholas (The Actors Studio)

  • PENGUIN BLUES as Gordon (The Actors Studio)

  • THE TWELVE PILLARS as Lawrence of Arabia (The Actors Studio)

  • ARCHETYPES as Alan (The Actors Studio)

  • FAMILY HOUR as Father (The Actors Studio)

  • POISON PEN as Critic (The Actors Studio)

  • SARAH as O'Bryan (The Actors Studio)

  • BETRAYAL as The Waiter (The Actors Studio)

  • FRIENDS as He (1994 Samuel French One Act Festival)

  • CURRENTS TURNED AWRY as Daddy (Nat Horne Theater)

  • AMADEUS as Emperor Joseph II (Staten Island Shakespeare Theater)

  • TRUE WEST as Saul Kimmer (Staten Island Shakespeare Theater)

  • TORCH SONG TRILOGY as Ed (Staten Island Shakespeare Theater)

  • LIKE TWO EAGLES as General Yossi (Synchronicity Space)

  • ONE MINUTE PLAY CONTESTS as Various Leads (Hudson Guild Theater/Circle In The Square Theater)

  • CAMINO REAL as Casanova (Hunter Theater)

  • LOVERS OF BOLOGNA as Captain Spavento (Belmont Italian-American Playhouse)

  • Jane Martin's SUMMER as Esposito (American Theater of Actors)

  • TABLE MANNERS as Tom (American Theater of Actors)

  • THE BEAUTY PART as Milo et al. (American Theater of Actors)

  • LOOK WHAT THEY DONE as Mark (Intar II)

  • DENIAL as Husband (Don't Tell Mama/Expanded Arts)

  • MOST AMAZING THING as Manager (Maverick Theater)

  • THE FAMILY SHOW as Billy (Wordplay Theater)

  • THE MOMENT BEFORE as Rick (Spina Loft Theater)

  • NO EXIT as Joseph Garcin (Kraine Theater)

  • AILANTHUS GROVE as Lopat (Kraine Theater)

  • THE STRONGER as "Max" (1997 Samuel French One Act Festival)

  • STRAY CAT BLUES as "Carl" (2000 Samuel French One Act Festival)

  • BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO as "Alan" (2001 Samuel French One Act Festival)

    Interactive Theater/Murder Mystery Dinner Shows

  • MURDER ON BROADWAY as Detective Pierpont (Sardi's Restaurant)

  • RADIO ROAST as Jim Edwards (Sardi's Restaurant)

  • CRIMES OF PASSION as Eric Astor (Rutherford House)

  • MURDER AT MIDNIGHT, ET AL. as Detective Dorsey (Murder Mystery, Inc.)

  • FAMILY BUSINESS, ET AL. as Detective Sunny (Garland Productions)

  • STAR 90 as Detective Metzger (Entertainment By Design)

  • THE KILLINGTONS as R. Killington (Lime-Light Productions)

  • MURDER MYSTERY TONIGHT, ET AL. as Detective Dorsey (The Killing Kompany)

  • WHISTLE STOP WEDDING as Father of the Bride (MMI Productions)

  • DEATH OF THE COMMODORE as Det. Marlow (Mostly Murder, Inc.)


  • Member of The Actors Studio

  • Acting: Ellen Burstyn, Shelly Winters, Louise Lasser, Robert Lewis

  • Commercial: Charles Rosen

  • Voice Over: Howard Ross


  • Dialects

  • Stage Combat

  • Firearms

  • Expert Water Skier

  • Attorney - Visit his website at



  • THE GIFT HORSE - New York Times, November 10, 1994:

    "Jon Avner as a local crime syndicate capo is an amusing muddle of muscle, suspicion and gullibility."

  • THE GIRL IN THE WATERMELON - Variety, March 28, 1994:

    "Cast is terrific."

  • THE GIFT HORSE - Stages, Winter 1995

    "Most outstanding is the hilarious Jon Avner as Abe 'The Babe' in his snazzy double breasted pastel suits."

  • LIKE TWO EAGLES - Backstage, October 1995:

    "But it is Jon Avner, as the Israeli father, who steals the show. His tough, gritty army general anchors the play in reality."

  • Jane Martin's SUMMER - Backstage, May 1986:

    "Jon Avner made a dashing and gentlemanly Espositio whose charm was magic for all the McGregor women."

  • ALL MY SONS - Bergen News, March 6, 1996:

    "The cast...has so internalized their roles that one is never aware of 'acting.' We are swept into their world as each moment is lived by them and the audience...and Jon Avner's Dr. Jim Bayliss create(s his) own dramatic tension."

  • AMADEUS - Akron Beacon Journal, August 1, 1993:

    "If for no other reason than to behold Jon Avner's incendiary portrayal of Antonio Salieri, you - yes, your own bad self - should visit Porthouse Theatre's production of AMADEUS. In what certainly must rank among the most impassioned performances yet conferred on audiences at the 22-year-old amphitheater, Avner detonates the profound words of writer Peter Shaffer with a seething portraiture of the 18th-century composer...Avner's work and death-grip grasp of the role are no less than astonishing as he lays bare the tormented soul of Salieri...Avner's resonant, almost Shakespearean delivery is powerful and riveting. So is his bearing - alternately regal and wracked. It is a career performance that prompts one to wonder why more hasn't been heard of him. Everywhere."

  • AMADEUS - West Side Leader, August 11, 1993:

    "It is rare that an actor's performance moves the audience to stand in appreciation at evening's end. Rarer still is finding such talent in a Northeast Ohio regional theatre. But that talent exists in Porthouse's production of Peter Shaffer's famed theatrical work, AMADEUS. The actor's name is Jon Avner, who plays Antonio Salieri."

  • I HATE HAMLET - The Star-Ledger, July 9, 1992:

    "Grandly declaiming the flamboyant Barrymore's lines with a whiskey growl that approaches catarah, Jon Avner registers best as the ghostly matinee idol. When the unwillingly celibate Andrew asks him, 'Do you know what it's like not to have sex?' and Barrymore, with a belch, simply says, 'No,' the resulting laughter is a tribute to Avner's casual authority in the role as much as it is to the gag."

  • THAT CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON - Portland Press Herald, November 13, 1991:

    "Jon Avner perfectly creates the smooth, bored and immoral Phil, a man with talent and looks who has soured from lack of challenge, except with the ladies. Avner's superior acting is a joy to watch."

  • TOD THE BOY TOD - Asbury Park Press, May 1, 1990:

    "And Jon Avner's quiet but equally powerful performance as the soothing, inwardly torn psychiatrist also stands out."

  • TRUE WEST - Staten Island Advance, August 9, 1986:

    "Jon Avner almost steals the show as a stereotypically vapid Hollywood agent."

  • MURDER MYSTERY TONIGHT - Queens Chronicle, March 15, 1995:

    "Avner cleverly holds the evening together as the loud-mouthed Lt. Katz."


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